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What are the risks of prk eye surgery?

I want to take eye surgery and i am thinking about prk surgery. Are there any risks? If so ,what are these risks?
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  • Joseph bell


    Yes, it could have risks. Although the prk eye surgery is a safe procedure, it also contains some risks. Firstly, it is common with prk patients to have dry eyes when you would lubricate your eyes by using prescribed eye drops. And it could reduce your night vision in some cases thus you should avoid driving at night. Or you could have blurred vision, which would disappear after six months. Of course, you would have a thinner cornea as a result of laser treatment. It would be worse if you have any long-term problem.
  • Sara nelson


    Like every coin has two sides, though prk surgery can help people with some eye disorders, they also bring side effects. It really take risks by taking prk surgery. In details, if you may suffer dry eyes, infection and sensitive to light in a short time. Besides, you also take the risks of lose the best vision that can be achieved with glasses. So. before you take prk surgery, be careful.
  • eduardoroxmisox


    The eye cornea is divided into five layers, the epithelial cell layer, after layer, before elastic layer, matrix elasticity layer and rendothelial cell layer.The substrate layer is one of the most thick level up to 500 um. The prk surgery is to dig a groove in the substrate layer, in order to let the lens degree transplanted into corneal stroma layer. After the prk surgery, you will no longer wear glasses. But it can not fundamentally change the eye myopic refractive status. It even can't avoid the myopia to cause complications or myopic degree growth. This kind of operation is a kind of traumatic surgery. The stretch layer wound recovery will leave scar, making the corneal texture uneven form irregular astigmatism. However, the prk surgery is not suitable for everyone. If you have this surgery, you must have the good habit of protecting from many sides. But you no longer need to wear the annoying glasses which may affect a lot in the daily life.
  • Marc


    PRK, the so called photorefractive keratectomy, is a surgery for eyes to eliminate the need of eyeglasses or contacts. It is a precise surgery that can change corneal curvature by scraping the surface layer of the cornea away. So, there must have some risks. 1. Infection. Following ophthalmologist’s recommendation, apply eye drops to avoid infection. 2. Dry eye. Artificial tears can solve the problem. 3. Pain. Pain is one of the most common complains of patients after PRK surgery. For a period of time, it will dissipate. 4. Regression. After PRK, your eyes also might bounce back towards your original prescription. Otherwise, there are other risks, like night glare, corneal problems, refractive… however, the potential of side effect is quite low. In my intention, the best way to avoid surgical risks is to leave it and do not have the surgery.

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