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Where to get soccer ball contact lenses for halloween?

I plan to buy really cool sunglasses to make me stand out in halloween party? Do you know where can i find soccer ball contact lenses ? Is it safe to wear?
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  • Jen


    If you don't know where to buy it, you can search it online. We can find many things online. And i just search that contact lenses and find it. Here their link: Hope this help you.
  • Joseph bell


    I can see that you are eager to make yourself special from the crown during the party right? So, the idea to wear football like contact lenses is good. As to where you can buy them, maybe you should try to take a look at Walmart vision center or MaxMart. They are good places to look for what you seek. Actually, if you do not rely on them, you are good to go, but they are not designed for long term use.
  • Joseph campbell


    When the halloween party is approaching, a lot of people prepare all kinds of contact lenses to make their eyes look charming and strange in order to suit the styles. You can type the key word of soccer ball contact lenses online and then you will find a lot of contact lenses there. Then you may choose the one with the suitable price. It is safe to wear but you should keep the good habit of hygiene.
  • Melissa duncan


    Soccer ball contact lenses sound really crazy and special, if you mean the pattern of the contact lenses. If you can find this kind of pattern, then don't worry about eh safety. All you have to do is note the eye hygiene and correct way of wearing it. For transparent contact lenses, you should wear less than 10 hours per day. For color contact lenses, you should wear less than 6-8 hours per day. If it is the first time for you to wear contact lenses, please remember to extend the wearing time gradually, until maybe one or two weeks later your eyes are used to it. Washing your hands before touch the contact lenses. Use the contact lenses care solution before and after wearing, with your figure tip rubbing the contact lenses softly to enhance deprotainizaiton. The technology of color contact lenses develop very mature now, and very safe to wear. Just relax and choose some wonderful contact lenses for your Halloween party. You can surprise your friends!
  • Robbie Foran


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