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What color contacts look good on light skin people?

I am looking for colored contact lenses that will tend to look good on people with light skin. Do you guys have any good idea? What should i buy?
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  • Beth


    Usually people with light skin may be suitable with many colored contact lenses. But there are some color especially suitable for the light skin people, such as the light blue ones, light purple ones, light chocolate ones and so on. All these will make the eyes look charming and attractive.
  • cristoph


    Yes, of course I can help you. In fact, there are a lot of colors from which to choose according to your skin tone. Actually, people with light skin tone tend to have less difficulty in looking for what type of contacts to wear. Generally speaking, you can try blue, brown, green or rose colors, of which they are going to make your attractive in appearance after all. But Personally speaking, I also recommend that you pay a personal visit to glasses store to try them on.
  • leigh sehr


    Colored contacts have become very hip in the past few years, with many people changing their look with this new and innovative way to change eye color. And nowadays, there are a range of colors and brands, so you can pick from them. But on the other hand, you should also consider your own condition, when you choose color contacts. As you have said that, you have light skin, so it will be good for you to have blue color contacts which can make your eyes more attractive and also match your skin. So you can have a try.