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What does it mean if I have a freckle in eye?

If there is a freckle in my eye, what does that mean. Is it a serous problem? If so, what should i do?
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  • b3autifulxlies


    There are four reasons for you to have a freckle. First, it is because of autosomal inheritance. Second, strong ultraviolet rays can cause freckle. When people expose themselves to the sun, their epidermis will produce amount of melanin which get them tan and lead to freckle. Third, freckle can cause by endocrine dyscrasia. Fourth, bad behaviors such as pressure, choosy in food and lack of sleep can cause freckle in eye as well. It is not a serious problem. Freckle means there are trashes in your body and noxious substance and melanin can't discharge or excrete from the body. To deal with your freckle, what you should do is that you should use sunscreen cream when you go out in sun. What's more, you should clean your face with cleaning milk every day and apply a facial mask two or three time a week. You should use some eye cream on your eyes and do massage for your eyes every day. Eat more fruit such as tomatoes, kiwi fruit, tangerine, cabbage, strawberries and so on.
  • Jackson


    Freckle in eye likes nevi on skin. Actually, it is nevi. Generally, freckle, that is choroidal nevi, is not harmful. Yet there are still a few of them can develop to choroidal melanoma. There are four types of conjunctival pigmentation: 1. Choroidal nevi is prone to kids. No painful no itchy. 2. Melanophore hyperplasia is mainly appeared on the sclera. The potential of those patients to get malignant pigmentary tutor is higher. 3. Choroidal malignancy melanoma. If it changes in size or color, you should consult your eye doctor and follow his recommendations.
  • Barry


    There must be something wrong with your body that you should take notice of it. It is not normal to have the freckles in the eyes. You'd better go to see the doctor and have a full check on the eyes. During this time, you'd better have a good rest for the eyes.
  • Matthew harris


    Don't worry, it is the same as the freckles on your skin. They are harmless. You can ignore it. This is because our body has small excess areas of pigment or melanin in different tissues and they further form freckles in the different parts of the body. Of course, it is may also form in your iris and retina.
  • Allison walker


    Eyes with freckles are more sensitive to external stimulations, such as ultraviolet rays, infrared rays and so on. If you feel nothing with the freckles, you don't have to worry about it at all. Only when you feel something wrong about it, you may go to doctor for help. If suffer from to much violent stimulation, the freckles may turn into inflammation, proud flesh or something else. But before those things happen, you eyes are still healthy. Just pay attention to keep them away from too much violent stimulation. It will be fine.
  • Catherine lewis


    It may has nothing serous, but you can go to doctor for sure! It may be pinguecula, the reason of it appearing is the conjunctiva connective tissue degeneration by stimulation of dust and sunshine or aging. It usually come out by old people and longtime outdoor workers. You may never feel pain and uncomfortable, it also has no affect to the vision. Unless it affect the appearance of your eyes, it has no need to cutted out or take treatment by medicine.