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Jada oliver


What does it mean when the whites of your eyes are brown?

The white part of my eyes are turn brown. What does this mean? Is it normal?
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  • Miranda


    For your problem, I think there are two reasons. Firstly, you may often rub your eyes. and your eyes are relatively big or your eyelashes are a little short or skimp so as not to protect your eyes from the entrance of sand or dust. Besides, if you spend too much time in front of computer, you will feel tired and spend more time rubbing your eyes. We all know, outside our eyeball there is a layer of membrane, and under that there is rich of blood capillary, if you often oppress your eyeballs, there will be trace of bleeding in capillary, as time passes, more and more trace hemorrhage can't be absorbed completely and timely, which accumulated in ocular surface within the organization. then the white part of your eyes will turn yellow (or light orange, pale brown), but your eyes may not feel uncomfortable. I suggest you wear a pair of flat glasses in sandstorm days while going out, and have a rest for 10-20 minutes after working 1-2 hours in front of computer. To protect your eyes, you can see the distance far away or green plants when your eyes feel tired. besides, pay attention to your nutrition, be sure to eat more vegetables, take some vitamins, or do some eye exercises etc. Try not to use hands to rub eyes, you can ask someone to blow off or use a clean handkerchief to wipe out the foreign matter in your eyes, or you can close your eyes and have a rest for a while. In addition, if you have some diseases with your liver, the white part of your eyes will also turn brown, I suggest you do some examine in hospital. Wish you have a good health and charming eyes.
  • evrydyisystrdy


    There are two possibilities. Firstly, it could be trace of blood accumulated in you eyes. If you are living in a region rich of sand or you work in front of computer for long time each day and you rub your eyes often, there will be trace of blood in your eyes. The blood appears as yellow or light brown spots in your eyes as they can not be absorbed. If so, it is suggested to wear goggles when you go out. If you feel uncomfortable with your eyes, do not rub it with your hand. Close your eyes and waiting for the tear coming. It will moisturize your eyes. The other possibility is that there is something wrong with your liver. Yellow or brown eyes are a typical symptom of liver disease. Jaundice, hepatitis and other liver disease are often reflected in yellow or brown of eye color. You should go to take some medical exam to make sure. When you cure the disease, the color will disappear.
  • etilnus


    I think the whites of our eyes turn brown may mean that there aren't enough vitamins or nutrients for our eyes. It is said that the people (usually pirates) who often live on ships will suffer from brown eyes for they often live on ships for most of their lives and they are lack of variety of foods. So we should eat variety of food and vegetables to provide our eyes with enough vitamins and nutrients.
  • walkingaround


    Dear friend, the whites of my mum's eyes are a little brown. She had an exam in this year. The doctor told us that she was quite healthy. I asked the doctor that why my mum has yellow eyes. Doctor said that the whites of our eyes will turn yellow little by little when we get older. And too much exposure to sunlight or smokes may tint the whites of our eyes too. Yes. My father is a heavy smoker. He used to smoke in the living room before going to bed. I think it is a bad habit. Maybe the whites of my mum's eyes were tint by smokes.
  • Patricia


    I think if the whites of our eyes turn brown it may mean that we are suffering from some diseases. Usually an infection on our liver (hepatitis) may lead to yellow eyes. but the skin of the patients are also yellow too. it is a horrible looking and terrible disease so we need to treat it with medications. I suggest you to have your eyes checked by an eye doctor immediately. the doctor can find out what cause the discoloration of the your eyes.
  • David garcia


    Benign conjunctival nevi are common and usually develop during the first decade of life. PAM, or Primary Acquired Melanosis, typically develops in middle-aged or elderly white patients. It is almost always unilateral flat indistinct areas of conjunctival pigmentation. PAM may remain stable for years or possibly undergo color changes or even a malignant transformation. changes in conjunctival pigment must be carefully evaluated to exclude the possibility of malignant melanoma of the conjunctiva. malignancies can arise from the acquired melanosis above, or a nevus, or without a precursor. Such an uncommon mass is most common in middle-aged to elderly patients. The lesion may be vascularized with dilated vessels feeding the tumor. However, the only way to be certain is to have a careful examination by an ophthalmologist
  • Mariah ja


    It may mean that the place in which you are living or working is really terrible. If you are living or working in a horrible situation, your eyes may have pigmentation day by day. The smokes and odd situation may tint the whites of your eyes bit by bit. You can find the causes and then decide to change a job or change the living place. Nowadays, there are many workers who are working in a terrible working environment. I think the leader of the company should consider workers' health and modify the environment.
  • Nicholas carter


    My friend once has such situation. His cause is that he wears the colored contact lenses too long which causes the infection in the eyes. It is not normal. You'd better check whether your eyes get the inflammation. I suggest you to go to the hospital and have a check.
  • David Felker


    If there are brown spots on your eyes, It may be a sign of choroidal melanoma. I heard that Malignant choroidal melanomas cab spread to other parts of the body. So, if you find the whites of your eyes are brown, you must be carefully. And get your eyes checked by an eye doctor. Of course, it is not very serious. brown spots may also caused by some harmless productions of melatonin, like freckles.