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What is the average cost of prk eye surgery

I want to take prk corrective eye surgery and before that, i want to know the average price of a prk surgery. Is it very expensive? Is it painful and safe?
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  • Eric quick


    The full name of prk is Photorefractive Keratectomy. Many people with prescription now tend to accept the prk corrective eye surgery because of the right vision which may be helpful for the normal life. At almost every hospital, the price of taking this prk corrective eye surgery is various. For the people with the prescription within 600°, the average price is usually about $1000. While the people with high prescription may pay more than $ 1600. With the added prescription, the cost of surgery is a little higher. Thus, you'd better connect the hospital where you will have the surgery and ask them the detail. However, before you do the surgery, they will give the eye text for you to see whether your eyes are suitable to accept the prk. If your eyes are suitable, there will be no dangers for you to worry. You just need to follow the tips to protect your eyes.
  • adams


    PRK is photorefractive keratectomy that is most popular refractive surgery procedure for the eyes. Most of people with thin corneas or large pupils like to choose PRK. But i think the PRk surgery is costly. It is said that one eyes is about $1,800. If you need take the surgery for both eyes, you are required to prepare about $3600. Besides, i heard that you also need pay for the medicine after surgery if you want to help yourself complete recover from the surgery.
  • Lainey


    PRK patients regain their vision more gradually, sometimes taking months. However, there are certain eye conditions that require PRK laser eye surgery to be used.One downfall to the laser surgery is that the PRK procedure is fairly expensive, although it may be worth it. Costs average around $2,000 an eye, and can run more expensive than that. However, one should not settle for far cheaper prices, as these doctors likely are either mediocre at best or are trying to scam you .But it is very beneficial to get, especially for severely near or farsighted people. However, LASIK surgery does have some advantages over PRK, but in some cases, PRK is the only option.

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