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What is a freckle in the eye and is it serious?

What is a eye freckle. If i get a freckle in my eyes, what should i do. Is it a big problem?
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  • Richard M Fawcett


    Yes, it is a big problem. The great possibility is that you may get the conjunctivitis, also considering the possibility of retinopathy.You'd better go to a hospital to have a full check on the eyes. According to the inspection result, you should take corresponding treatment. At present, you must pay attention to the rational use of eye, keeping eyes clean and not sit in front of the television or computer for a long time.
  • walkingbassline


    The eye freckles are collections of similar cells. They form a different color to the area around them. And the freckles or the spots are usually visable. They usually appear gray in your eyes. In fact they are actually inside the eyeball. But don't worry, the the freckles on eyes are the same cause as freckles on the skin. They are usually harmless.


    Eye freckle is a brown small spots that appear in the eyes. It is not serious as you thought. What's more, it is easy to form eye freckle when you have a bad blood circulation. However, it is easy for you to deal with it. First, you should have enough sleep and have a good sleep. Second, you should rub your hands until your hands give out heat and then put your hands around your eyes. Or you can put emollient water into the fridge for a while. And then take it out and put a piece of cotton pad into it. When the cotton pad is wet through, put the cotton pad around your eyes. The last but not eh least, you should drink less water before you go to sleep and eat more flesh fruits and vegetables.
  • cutechaldochick


    Eye freckle is a kind of discoloration inside the eyes. Eye freckles are usually harmless, although they should be watched for signs of growth or change, which would indicate a more serious condition. Unless the eye freckle turns into a tumor, no treatment is needed. In the rare case that it has, the current treatment options include laser surgery and radiation therapy. While both treatments will cause vision loss, they will protect you from losing your eye. Remember though, having an eye freckle does not mean that you will develop a tumor.

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