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How to remove contact lenses with acrylic nails?

I wear contact lenses. But there is a problem. How to remove the lenses out of my eyes by myself since i wear acrylic nails? Any suggestion?
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  • Myra Taylor


    I suggest you to cut the acrylic nails which may scrape the contact lenses when you use the finger to get them out. What's worse, you may scrape the corneal when you put the finger in the eyes to get the contact lenses out. Thus, you'd better cut the acrylic nails and get the contact lenses out.
  • Jada oliver


    There are two methods to solve the problem. The first one is try to use the pads of your finger to remove contact lenses. The processes are: push you upper eyelid upward. Touch contact lenses with the pad of finger. Move the lenses to the edge outside. Take the lenses out of your eyes carefully. This sounds difficult but you can have a try. People can do it after practice. The second one is to use tool. The most available tool is tweezers. It shall be tweezers with spherical ends. If the end of tweezers is too sharp, it may hurt your eyes. Take the tweezers as your finger and you can take the lenses out easily.
  • Michael?


    When you wear acrylic nails, you should avoid using the traditional ways of removing contact lenses. Now I will give you the following suggestion: First, you should look straight ahead and then use your index finger and your middle finger to fix upper and lower eyelids near the middle finger. Second, you should expose your brown eyeballs, and move your elbow. Third, you should blink your eyes and gently use your finger pulp to remove the contact lenses. In addition, when you not doing well and damage the contact lenses, it is better for you not to rub your eyes rudely or pull them energetically. The right thing you should do is to wash your eyes with salt water and go to a hospital to check your eyes carefully.