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Can sneezing cause a detached retinal?

I have heave myopia. And i was told that should not joy fierce movement. Can sneezing cause detached retinal?
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  • ccrazybeautyful


    Yep, it could cause that in special cases. You always close your eyes when you are sneezing. It is a good way to protect the eyes and easy to sneeze. However, frequent and violent sneezing could rupture a tiny blood vessel in the eye, and the blood would be reabsorbed in a few days and it poses no danger. It could cause a detached retina that requires prompt treatment.
  • Sharon Field


    Usually the persons with high myopia may have high possibility of getting the accident of detached retinal. Usually the retina is too weak for the high prescription persons. They may have the detached retinal during the fierce activity or strong knock on the eyes. And the sneezing may cause the detached retina which belong to the strong knock through the throat and nose nerves.
  • Rebecca


    Yeah,sneezing can cause retinal detachment.Before I give the reason, we need to know what is retinal. The retina is a clear, thin light sensitive tissue in the back of the eye. It is made up of layers of nerve cells that arrive from the optic nerve through the back of the eye. The fibers spread out from the center of the optic nerve in every direction (kind of like the leaves in a sunflower spread out from the center of the sunflower) and it is these fibers, one on top of another, that make the retina. The retina is firmly attached to the back of the eye in very few places; most of the retina is "tacked" down only by the pressure inside of the eye. Because it is thin and pliable and because it is not firmly in place, it is susceptible to having tears and holes, and these defects can cause the thin tissue of the retina to pull off the back of the eye. This is termed "detachment".so a sneeze, cough or quickly standing up or bending over can stimulate the retina to detach. This is a example of Valsalva, where pressure exerted behind the eye (sinuses) pushes forward enough to affect the retina.
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