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What are best sunglasses for jet skiing?

I am going to play jet skiing. And i want to buy a pair of sunglasses to shield my eyes. So can you give me some suggestions? What are the best sunglasses for jet skiing?
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  • crazycowgirl89


    If you are going to play jet sking, you'd better wear the sports sunglasses or polarized sunglasses to protect the eyes from the direct shining from the reflected light of the snow. And there are many good worthy reputable brands of sunglasses for you to choose, such as the Oakley sunglasses, Rudy Project sunglasses, Bolle, Adidad. They all belong to the top good sports sunglasses.
  • Andrea


    Skiing sunglasses are used to block light and wind. I recommend that you should wear the resin sunglasses with border.The color of the lens are yellow or brown. It's better. Bad eyesight skiers had better not wear contact lenses.If you fell off, there was no possibility to find back again. Ski sunglasses should have the following features: 1. preventing cold air on the eye irritation; 2. preventing eyes from burning by UV; 3. preventing foggy.