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How to look good with glasses and braces?

I am a person of an nerd look. And i am always wearing a pair of eyeglasses. Can you tell me how to make myself look better? If I wear braces and eyeglasses. How to make me look beautiful? Any tips? Thanks
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  • emptypayphone


    If you really a person of a nerd look, I suggest you not to wear big black frame glasses. You can try to wear some fancy pattern glasses with light colored decorations. You know dark color will bring a rigid and inflexible impression to the people around you. Some little fancy pattern will give you some romantic looking to others. If you wear braces, you glasses may be have some fashion factor, that will be more suitable and good matching. Some fashionistas always change his style of clothes and glasses to follow the fashion trend, why not to have a try?
  • walkidiot


    If your appearance look nerd and you want not to look like this, you can change the style through the accessory you wear. You can wear the fashionable eyeglasses, like the big frame black eyeglasses. You can wear the leisure clothing to look more relaxing and young. In addition, you can also wear the sports shoes to look active.
  • Ariana


    If you want to look good when you wear glasses and braces. you shall take full use of your hair style. if you have a long hair, you can let your hair down naturally. and let some hair pull down in front of you. Besides, you can try to makeup good on your eyes. For example, use some bright shades to lighten your eyes. And use eye linger and mascara to make your eyes look bigger.
  • cute_lil_ambie


    I think you are less confidenct. Do not be shame just because of a pair of eyeglasses. Most people are nearsighted under the world filling with computer and other electrical equipment. Try contact lenses, which can give you a fresh feeling as you get rid of frame eyeglasses. If you wanna wear braces, I recommend thick frame glasses, not metal one. It looks more academism with a scholar's style.

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