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Mariah shelley


Why do people wear yellow tinted glasses when shootng?

I find most of people like to wear yellow tinted glasses when they are shooting. Why? What benefit can they get from yellow tinted lenses?
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  • Christopher


    Shooting glasses are used for protecting eyes from UV rays and strong light, and different color tinted glasses has different functions. As for yellow tinted lenses, it can increase vision contrast especially in hazy, foggy and other low-light conditions so it can make things look brighter. So you can find most of people love to wear yellow tinted glasses when shooting since they can see more clearly with them. Besides, it is said that yellow tinted glasses have such an function that can filter out the blue light which would affect the sharper focus.
  • anderson


    Yeah, the tinted glasses will have the special function for the eyes to filter the lights coming through. Just like the sunglasses which can protect the eyes from uv or other strong lights, the yellow tinted eyes may let the eyes see clearly on the far away dense things, eliminating the dizzy circle around them.
  • Aaron


    As we all know, that yellow tinted glasses can help us see more clearly when shooting, but most of us can not know the reasons why the yellow color can make it instead of other colors. As far as I know, there are two factors which can make the yellow color has such special function. On one hand, the yellow can reduce the light scattering inside our eye; yellow lenses make things look sharper and more clearly has something to do with the way light travels inside the eye, and the aqueous media inside the eye also cause blue light to scatter, because of the fact, you can see the target clearly. On the other hand, because of the Subjective Brightness the yellow color can make you see more clearly while shooting. According to the experts, looking through yellow lenses change all the colors you see to the yellow end of the spectrum, which the shooter will associate with sunlight. Then the shooter can sense that there's more natural lighting than there really is.