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Can i add prescription lenses to designer sunglasses ?

I want to buy a pair of designer sunglasses with my prescription. Can i do that?
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  • Ryan evelyn


    Of course, you can. But you'd better go to the eyeglasses store and ask the client to do it for you. If you just want to do it by yourself, you could firstly check whether the lenses are suitable for the designer sunglasses' frames. Then you warm the sunglasses to take the lenses off. Last of all, you just put the prescription lenses on the sunglasses and tight them.
  • walkinginlight


    Yep, just feel free to do it as you want. Nowadays, many guys prefer to wear sunglasses when they go out, however, you know some of people have nearsighted and they have to wear glasses with prescription. With the development of society, the optometrist can help the guys mentioned above realize their dream-they can put the lenses with prescription into your sunglasses. Of course, it will cost more time and money, when you go to your optometrist, you can just tell him your prescription and he can help you put the prescription lenses to your loved sunglasses. In other words, when you want to enjoy the sunshine with the sunglasses, you can just wear the sunglasses and also you can have a better look of the outside world.
  • Logan hall


    Wow, looks like you are really imaginative! So, when I was still an eight-year-old, I had come up with such an idea you know? Well, to be frank, I mean, this method is gonna be working! Since designer suglasses is just a simple pretty frame , therefore, it would not be hard if you wanna add prescription lenses to the frame, and in this way, it is gonna be cool and nice! However, it is gonna cost you some money if you carry this out.

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