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What to wear with white sunglasses?

I just want to ask some suggestions what to wear when i wear a pair of white sunglasses? How to make me look good when i am wearing white sunglasses?
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  • John clark


    The white color may be matched with many other colors. That is to say, the white sunglasses may be looked suitable with all kinds of your clothing colors. However, the white color is so fashionable that you'd better wear the fashionable clothing to make a cool appearance. In addition, you'd better not wear the white color of clothing which may look so monotonous.
  • b1eedingthrough


    white sunglasses, comes from 1970s, and are highly popular because it is full of dramatic and bright shining. In this summer, it is outstanding, cool and fresh. If the white sunglasses can match with the color of a dress or bag, that would be gorgeous! My recommendation is to wear casual clothes, like white T-shirt, red loose pants and black cardigan. It must be dynamic. Otherwise, you can wear Panama hat, brown flax scarf and printing pants. Comfortable and eased!