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How to fix saggy eyelids without surgery? Any good way?

Is there any way to fix saggy eyelids without surgery? If so, How it fix saggy eyelids? Please help me!
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  • Justin fergus


    If you don't want to have the surgery to fix the saggy eyelids, there are other easy things you can do to protect the formal state of your eyelids, not making them become serious. You should not pull the eyes seriously. You'd better not wear the contact lenses which needs you to pull the eyes when wearing. You could use the make up like adopting the eyeshadow to make you look good, being without the saggy eyelids.
  • emily_109


    It is not easy to fix saggy eyelids. If you want to look good in a short, you can shield your eyes and around skin with a pair of sunglasses. It can help you look good, but can't cure saggy eyelids. And I just search it online, and i find there is which says that the Eye Magic Eyelid Lift cab provide a quick, affordable solution to sagging or drooping eyelids. And it seems it is more cheaper than surgery. Maybe you can have a try.