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Where are revo sunglasses manufactured?

Revo sunglasses are very cool. I want to get a pair. Can anyone tell me where are revo sunglasses made from? How can i choose it?
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  • Hae


    Most of the revo sunglasses are made in America. Belonging to the top popular eyeglasses, you may choose to make you look cool. Base on your hobby in colors, materials and design, you can choose suitable revo sunglasses which have various choice.If you want to use the suitable price to buy one, you can buy online, like the Walmart.
  • joan


    Revo is not made in the USA, nor is it made by Luxottica.
  • evelyn


    As far as i could know, revo is a brand of sunglass eyewear marketed by Luxottica Group, the world's largest eyewear company. Luxottica Group are also made other well known sunglasses such as Ray-Ban, Persol and Oakley etc. If you want to real revo sunglasses, you must choose one which have "revo" signs. They are probably real.