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Are rudy project sunglasses good to buy?

I want to buy sports sunglasses. And i saw some pictures of rudy project sunglasses online. It looks cool. So, Are rudy project sunglasses worthy to buy? Any suggestions?
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  • Jada


    Yeah! It is so cool with changeable glasses! As a leader of sports sunglasses, helmet and goggle manufacturers, Rudy Project has always focus on technology innovation, high-quality material, unique design and science breakthrough since 1985. Now, which has been the first choice of thousands of world-class sportsmen and Olympical stars. With various styles and vivid colors, Rudy Project can meet every customer's requirement. Go ahead, nice choice!
  • cazzeh


    As the sports eyeglasses, the rudy project sunglasses are worthy to buy. They own the fashionable appearance, durable quality, various range of choice and comfortable wearing which are absolutely equal to the price. If you want to buy the sunglasses for the sports activity, the rudy project sunglasses will be the good choice.
  • ellochkablecy


    Rudy Project Sunglasses are founded by Rudy Barbazza in 1985. It is an old brand. Their Quick Change Technology can make you change the lens quickly and adapt to various lighting conditions. The sunglasses are lightweight, and allow you to participate in a variety of sports such as rock climbing, riding, and so on.
  • Victor


    Well, as a matter of fact, rudy project is an Italian brand which has always trying to produce luxury products in the world. And of course, their sunglasses are really cool and they have got a great variety of types and designs to choose from. However, they are pretty expensive, it could cost you as much as 500 dollars. Personally speaking, I think they are worth buying as long as we are financially well off right? But you should be careful when choosing them since there are always fake ones .