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Why does alcohol cause double vision?

I just drink too much. And got double vision. Why? How alcohol affect to eyes?
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  • cute_lil_ambie


    It's clear that acute alcohol ingestion does cause double vision. We think it has to do with the effects of the alcohol on the brain and the brain stem and the nerves that control your eye movements and tracking. It slows down the brain so you can't get the eyes tracking on something quickly. The time it takes to get your two eyes to fuse to give you a single image increases when you drink.
  • Daniel gerard


    The alcohol contains a lot of irritating stimulates inside which may makes the blood pressure rise suddenly. In addition, it can cause the double vision which will make the eyes see buffy. Drinking much alcohol will be bad for your eyes.You'd better not drink too much alcohol which is bad for your health.


    Light drinking of alcohol might not cause health problems, but heavy drinking of it may cause blurred vision, even affect your eye health. The reason of blurred vision is that eye muscles cannot precisely work, eye cannot focus on a subject. Alcohol might decrease peripheral vision, reduce color vision and affect optic neuropathy.

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