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Can you swim with an eye infection?

Will swim cause eye infection? I find my eyes appear red after swimming. Is that eye infection?
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  • Shureluck


    Yes, swimming can cause the eye infection because the water in the swimming pool contains the invisible bacterium. Once you swim with no swimming goggles, these bacterium will come into your eyes and let them get infected. You'd better wash your eyes clearly and use the eyedrops to release the symptom.
  • EDGAR Schneider


    If you take appropriate prevent actions, eye infection can be effectively avoid. Red eyes is a sign of infection. You must be care for. Goggle oppression, chlorinated swimming pool, viral and bacterial in the pool water can cause eye infection. So ,if your eyes got red, go to the doctor directly. Do not take it lightly. Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is a highly infectious disease.