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Does witch hazel work for puffy eyes?

Will hazel work for puffy eyes? How ?
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  • walks_alone_


    Witch hazel is a strong anti-oxidant and astringent. By boiling its leave and bark of the shrub, we can get witch hazel extract, which is mainly used on swellings, inflammations and tumors. First, determine the puffy reason. Do your eyes itchy or watery? If you have the symptoms, ask your doctor. If it is not, you can read the next: Witch hazel is a powerful medication to treat swollen eyes. You can do like this: take a small cotton, soak it in witch hazel liquid, close your eyes and cover it over the eyes for 10-20 minutes every day. Except witch hazel, here are other home remedies to deal with swollen eyes: 1. Have adequate sleep; 2. Do not drink too much water; 3. Replace witch hazel with cucumber or tea bags, following the same operation.
  • Christopher giles


    Yes, the hazel has the function of calming down. Using a little of the witch hazel will make your skin around the eyes refreshing. If you have the puffy eyes, you need the cool and refreshing relieve which the witch hazel can provide. You just need a little part of it to adopt around your eyes. Just have a try and see the effect.