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Richard Schneider


How to get rid of foggy eyes after swimming?

After swimming, my eyes foggy that make me hard to see thing clear. Is there anyway to help me get out of that ?
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  • Alexander david


    Are you swim without swimming goggle? If so, you shall wash your eyes with a lot of clean water, or it is likely cause pink eyes. It would better if you use saline solution wash your eyes. Then, you can close your eyes and have a good rest. It is not a bog problems. Hope you will recover soon. And you'd better take swimming goggles the next time if you want to swim.
  • EDWIN Caster


    In order not to let your eyes get foggy, you'd better wash your eyes after swimming which is the most important part for you. Just use the clean water to wash the eyes directly. Then you will find that the symptom of foggy eyes disappear. The washing process mainly helps you eliminate the invisible bacteriums.
  • Carlos rodney


    Sometimes, when you get out of a pool, your eyes get blurry vision. That might be a result of Chlorine and bacteria contained in the pool water. Chlorine is widely used in pool water disinfection, because it is 100% effective against bacteria at a pH of 6.5. If under the required level, bacteria in the pool water cannot be completely broken down. But an over-chlorinated pool water is also bad for your eyes. If your eyes feel painful or itch, flush your eyes with cool, fresh water to prevent irritation. Or apply saline eye drops. Go not go there anyway, try a new pool. If you wear contacts, the best way to prevent cloudy vision is to wear goggles while swimming. If you do not use goggles, the water pressure can make contacts tight and cause eye problems.
  • Gabriel peters


    The foggy eyes is probably a result of irritation in your eyes from the chlorine, which is a pretty strong chemical in the first place. In order to avoid it, just wear goggles. Once your eyes are irritated though, you can flush them with water or eye drops, both of which simulate the action of tears washing out the chlorine.

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