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How to get rid of droopy eyelids without surgery?

I am trying to find method to help my droopy eyelids without surgery. How can i get rid of that? Any suggestion?
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  • Daniel christian


    It seems that to heal the droopy eyelids without a quick fix. Most of the people will persuade you go to hospital to get a surgery. But you know the best way is the natural way to solve the problem. Will you please find out the reason, what leads to your eyelid droopy? If it is the geneogenous, you would better to have a surgery. If not, you would try to get some supplements which will nutrient your eyes muscle, such as vitamin A and B, as well as carotene. Then doing eye exercises everyday as eyes massage. Prevent the eyes muscle overdrive intense and often do the movement of looking far into the distance or looking upwards. Relax, keep away of eyes fatigue and dry eyes. It may get some help to you, but it will effect in a long run. The soonest way to get rid of droopy is the surgery.
  • b1g_head


    Droopy eyelids is a big problem for modern women. It will not only reduce your attraction, but also impair eyesight. When the eyes droop seriously prejudice to the vision, operative treatment is usually helpful. While there are some non-operation methods for improving droopy eyelids. 1.Massage eyebrow arch transversely, 5 minutes per time, 4-6 times every day; 2.Hot compress on the droopy area, 10 minutes per time, 3 times every day; 3.Lift the droopy eyelids, repeat 10 times, and 3 times every day. Otherwise, eat foods that contain protein, collagen and varies of vitamins , like fish, bean, fruit, veg, etc. which can enhance facial skin elasticity obviously.
  • Calvin


    With the ages going on, people are easy to get the droopy eyelids which can be called the natural beauty disaster. However, if you often touch the eye surrounding parts, you will also get the droopy eyelids. However, if you don't want to take the surgery, you can eat the nourishment to make up the collagen. Or you can use the eyedrops or acupuncture and moxibustion to treat the droopy eyes.