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What are benefits of hyaluronic acid for eyes?

Do you know hyaluronic acid for eyes? What are benefits can our eyes get from hyaluronic acid.
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  • crc32


    Hyaluronic acid was discovered by Karl Meyer in 1934. 95% of the liquid in our eyes is hyaluronic acid. Its functions are to withstand the pressure from outside of the eyes and provide nutrients to the eyes. It is very important in keeping the health of eyes. With the age increasing, in the last 50 years of our life, the ability of yielding hyaluronic acid will weaken. So it is good to take the hyaluronic acid supplements
  • Katie


    The vitreous body in the eye is made of 98% water and 2% of collagen and hyaluronic acid which have the function of the viscoelastic permeability and transparency to the eyeballs. The hyaluronic acid have the role of supporting, damping and nutrition and the light scattering effect. However, it can't be regenerated. And the general vitreous turbidity don't affect vision.
  • Isabelle garcia


    Hyaluronic acid exists in all living organisms. It’s responsible for lubrication in the vitreous humor in the eye. It can lubricate your eyes or as a good method to soothe viral infections of the eyes. And hyaluronic acid is useful if you have dry eyes. Found naturally in the vitreous fluid of the eyes. It’s used in artificial tears as a lubricant to help relieve the symptoms of dry eyes. Additionally, it’s used in ophthalmic surgery to protect sensitive eye tissues.
  • Angela Crist


    My husband and I found a product that is 100% absorbable and has the only liquid form of hyaluronic acid, chondroiton sulfate and collagen on the market. We have seen it do incredible things for eye health and joints and gums And skin and so much more. Its amazing what the body can do when you put in what the body clearly recognizes as its own substance. Email me at for more info.