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Why does my father get headaches every day?

My father never wore glasses except for reading . For some time he complained of headaches at the back of the skull that eventually radiate throughout the kerns. Would it be possible that this is due to his vision?
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  • 04/14/2012

    I think your father is suffering from presbyopia(aging of the eye and difficult to accommodate) it is highly recommended to see the optometrist to make an assessment.Take an exam to see the ocular tension. this is very important to a certain age. Ocular tension can cause glaucoma, which is very serious because you can lose sight! take a quick appointment with an ophthalmologist is important! good luck!
  • Angela


    Headaches can be caused by many factors. Eye strain or some other diseases can both cause headaches. So you'd better take your father to hospital to see a physician. If it is caused by vision problems, he should see an eye doctor to get the correct glasses. If it is caused by some diseases, he should be treated as early as possible.
  • walkinginlight


    Wearing a stronger prescription may lead to headaches or even vomit. So you can have the glasses checked to see whether they can help correct your father's vision problem or not. Maybe the problem lies in poor health conditions or some potential disease. You can schedule a health examination for your father. Many senior citizens often suffer from health problems as they get older. We should take care of them no matter how busy we are.
  • Ariana


    Maybe your father just gets chronic migranine or chronic tension-type headache. You'd better take your father to a hospital to have a thorough check or schedule a health examination ASAP. It would be better to diagnose the reasons and apply appropriate treatment immediately.
  • Barry


    There might be something wrong with his eyes. Or he may suffer from some health problems. You'd better take your father to see a doctor immediately.

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