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How to clean bubble gum off my glasses?

Well, i was blowing bubbles and it popped all over my glasses! It is really boring because i need it to help me see better. Is there any way to get it off the lens without scratching my glasses?
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  • Alexander david


    The simplest way to clean the bubble gum from your glasses is go to the glasses store for washing. This kind of service is usually free if your glasses are brought from this store. If you want to solve it home, there's another way, use some facial tissue or cloth which soaked with alcohol, then erase the surface of glasses with several times, this problem will be disappear after that. If there's no alcohol, adopt hot water which above 38℃ to let glasses immersed into it for several minutes. Then softly scrubbing the bubble gum out off the glasses, the problem will be done. Please avoid to use old water to wash, the gum will be harder when it meet cold water.
  • chocolate_cute


    Don't try to scratch it off the lenses directly, which will only make it worse. You can try some oil, baby oil is ok, or you may choose vegetable oil or even olive oil. Pour some oil on the glasses, and then rub softly with your finger for a while, the gum will gone. Then you can clean your glasses with the cleaner or soapsuds. The second way is: put the glasses in the freezer for several minutes, and get it out when the gum is hard already, then you can scrape it off easily. I tried this way to remove the gum off my t-shirt. Hope it will be useful.
  • crush_star


    Don't worry. I had this experience last year. I just put my glasses into the refrigerator to get a two-minute-quick-frozen, and then the bubble gum was torn off my glasses easily. My friends told me that I can use cotton wet with alcohol to wipe the bubble gum. I haven't tried because I don't know how long it will take. You can try the two ways and compare them.
  • Jmine


    Put your glasses in the freezer and get the gum real hard, then with your finger nail scrape it off. When you have most of it off dip a cloth in alcohol and clean the glasses at the same time removing the rest of the gum.
  • tuener


    The easiest way is to send glasses to the glasses store and ask them for cleaning and washing which are generally free of charge. At home, there are also several very simple ways. You can clean it with a paper towel or cotton cloth moistened with alcohol and the bubble gum will gone after scrubbing a few times. If there is no alcohol, you can put the glasses into warm water (38 degrees Celsius) for a little while, then in water, bubble gum will be very easy to remove and wipe. (Note: when scrubbing the glasses, it is best operated on warm water and do not use cold water which will harden the bubble gum even tighter).
  • croatiadiary


    I am so sorry to hear that because that would be very troublesome, and affect your life and study. And sure you cannot risk scratching them off your glasses, because glasses lenses are very fragile. My advice is that, maybe you can use plenty of water to soften the gum, you can also use wet wipes to softly take them off. Hope this could be helpful