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How do you know if armani sunglasses are real?

I plan to buy a pair of armani sunglasses. How can i tell if armani sunglasses are real of fake? Any idea?
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  • handshakedevon


    There are 4 steps for you to Spot Fake Armani Sun Glasses. First of all check the price. If you are happy to see that price is low, then they are not original Armani glasses. Second, look at the casing and the cleaning cloth as you get these additional items when buying branded sunglasses. There should be Armani logo on all of them appearing hard and clear, instead of gritty or crooked Third, if you are buying Armani sunglasses from an individual seller then he may not be providing you the cleaning cloth or the casing. Fourth, if your examine the style, it will be quite exclusive for original Armani sunglasses being sleek and smooth with curved, tortoise and aviator-style frames.
  • Sharron Green


    Actually, if you want to buy Armani sunglasses, there are several rules to be followed. Firstly, you cannot expect a much lower price than the market price. This is the most common mistake people make when deciding to buy luxury goods. Secondly, when you bought the sunglasses, you should check them carefully and contact their after-sales service to see if they're real when necessary. One more thing, real Armani sunglasses looks extremely beautiful, if there are more than one bad spots, and then it is probably fake.


    The methods of judging whether the armani sunglasses are real are easy. First of all, you can check the brand of them which is usually printed at the side of the frame. If they are real, the brand must be printed up right, with no fault. Secondly, you can observe the manual work of the sunglasses. The real one must be look upgrade. Last method for you is to go and ask the professional staffs in amani store. They will give you the satisfactory answer.
  • Rachel kim


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  • enmki


    Check for the Armani logo on the front and sides of the sunglasses. Check the quality of the lenses and plastic.
    Only buy from reputable sellers and genuine and reputable websites. Remember, if a bargain seems to good to be true, it probably is.

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