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Can i clean eyeglasses with tissue?

Can i clean eyeglasses with tissue? I just find my eyeglasses lenses are dirty. Can i just wipe the dirt out with my tissue? Will it damage the lenses or cause scratches?
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  • Vanessa edward


    You'd better not to use facial tissue to clean your eye glasses directly. You know most of the glasses in the market today are made by resin. The material of resin has an advantage is that; it’s not so easy to be broken as fragile as glass material. However, it also has a disadvantage is that; it's prone to be scratch in the daily use. Though the tissue is soft, but it still would make tiny scratch to the surface of glasses. It's no so effective to be found but it will really damage the lenses with days and months multiplying. The best way to clean the glasses is to wash it with clean water or adopt a drop of liquid soap when it's dirty with oil. Then, dry it in the shade after that, or absorb the water softly with tissue other than rub it directly in a sooner way to dry. Hope my suggestion would help you.
  • tommy


    In a sense, it is ok. However, you had better to use the professional glass cloth to wipe. If you don't have a glass cloth, you should choose a soft tissue. You can use soft tissue to absorb the surface moisture after flushing the contact lenses. Suggest you take it seriously. Otherwise, your glasses will be affected by a great influence.
  • David garcia


    You had better not do that. In general, the common tissue paper is used for people to clean skin or object in daily life. The eyeglasses are made of plastic or glass normally. Though we can use tissue paper to wipe off some dust or stain on the glasses, there still retain tiny fiber that couldn't be seen by our eyes naturally. It could affect our eye vision or cause eye infection due to the tiny fiber.
  • hands_down360


    Yes, you can. But I suggest you not use it because there may leave the paper dross on the eyeglasses. The cotton fibre is so easy to be sticked. You'd better use the clean cloth to clean the eyeglasses. Thus, you may not scratch the lenses of the eyeglasses. And the result is the clean eyeglasses.
  • RJ


    Generally speaking, you should not clean your eyeglasses with tissue. Because the tissue is not so clean that it can not clean your eyeglasses. And also, they are not made to clean eyeglasses, so there are no special ingredients which can clean the dirty things up. In my opinion, you should clean your eyeglasses by using the cleaner cloth. Besides, if you use tissue to clean eyeglasses, it can scratch the lenses because the tissue is not soft enough.
  • Zoe Wang


    I am afraid that you can not use the tissue to clean your lenses because the tissue it not clean enough and the tissue is rough. It can damage or scratch the lenses.
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