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Charles Joseph


Why do my glasses make my eyes tired?

I got new glasses. And i wear it when seeing computer. But I always feel tired and sleep after about 1-2 hours. Why? What causes my eyes tired when wearing my new eyeglasses for computer working?
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  • Mii


    It is likely to be due to being overworked or to tension. If you pay full concentrate on your work for a long time, your eyes will be tired just as the same feeling without wearing eyeglasses. Moreover, there is another possible reason that are experiencing edge effects, since you just got your new glasses. A new pair of eyeglasses, frequently with higher power lens than before, will distort the vision around the edges, for example, you will have to relearn where your feet are. This causes some strangeness but if the prescription is ok, then you will quickly adapt with regular wear. Hope this helpful.
  • Caitlin


    I am afraid that the reason may be the higher prescription of your new eyeglasses. You have not adjusted to the new glasses. This can cause the tiredness of your eyes. The other reason of your tiredness may be related with work with computer. Staring at the computer for a long time may cause the eyes to feel tired.


    To be frankly, many people feel tired after hours of watching computer. But if this just happen when you wear the new glasses, I think you may go to the shop and check whether the prescription of the glasses is too strong. If the glasses are not too strong, maybe you think about whether these days you are lack of rest or sleep. You can have your eyes a rest after one hour's work. Just look out, your eyes will appreciate you very much!
  • Shureluck


    First of all, you should make sure your glasses are right for you and the prescription glasses must conform to your eyes. Because they are the result of eyes fatigue. So, you should be alert to it. In addition, the two eyes vision must be balanced, because even if the prescription is ok, wearing glasses can also cause eye fatigue. So you should develop a good habit, when you are resting, you can take off glasses and look the green plants in the distance.
  • Trinity hill


    In your situation, I think there are maybe many reasons. First, The difference in your glasses prescription and, perhaps, the weight of your frame can make you feel tired and after you have wore them in a long time, it will reflect through your body. If it's heavy, it just may tire you out. Also, it may be associated with your habit of watching computer. The bad habit will also make you feel tired too. If you still feel tired after correcting your watching habit, you may go and console it with the doctor. He will give you a test to find out other reasons.
  • Alexander green


    Yeah, the problem you confronted is common. There are two possibilities. On one hand, maybe too strong glasses prescription make your eyes tired, then you can go back the store to have a check. On the other hand, the radiation will also make your eyes hurt and tired. Here I strongly recommend you use the computer glasses, because the Anti-radiation film on the surface of the glasses can help you prevent the radiation from your eyes. Meanwhile, I suggest you have a look at the green plant so that your eyes can have a rest.
  • Fee


    I had the same. i think you should visit a doctor for a good advise and better feeling.
  • Opal Rigg


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