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Carlos quick


How do i get a prescription visor for football?

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  • 04/12/2012

    I have seen the inserts and didnt care for them much. From a players POV they didnt work well. goggles would be much better, or just a sport frame. With the insert attatched to the helmet, they move independantly from the head.if your shop deals with oakley (bad word) that would be a much better option, or some of the sports glasses from hilco.
  • christraper


    I think you can buy a pair of prescription sunglasses. They must be polarized sunglasses because polarized sunglasses can help filter glare and give you more clear vision.
  • Striker


    Well, I think a pair of polarized sunglasses can help you see clearly when you are watching football. And there are also different kinds of sports sunglasses. You can have a look at any local eyeglasses stores or online eyeglasses stores. You can choose a pair of sunglasses that you like and then ask the optician to make a pair of prescription sunglasses according to your prescription. Or you can place an order online. you can input your prescription and then put a check before all of these which including UV protection coating, Polarized and tint. Then they will make you a pair of sunglasses.
  • Jackson raphael


    I suggest you to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses online. We all know that sunglasses can be very expensive in physical shops. But the sunglasses sold online are much cheaper. First, you may need to have your eyesight checked by your eye doctor and then get the prescription. Then you can place an order online. If this is the first time you buy sunglasses online, I suggest you to have a look at some online eyeglasses stores that have good reputation. Their products are more dependable. Plus, you should have your eyesight checked in the morning than that in the afternoon because the result will be more accurate in the morning.