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Anthony cecil


What can i do at home when I have pink eye?

It is very boring to just stay at home because i have pink eyes. Any suggestion that I can do to help my pink eyes and kill the time?
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  • b3autyqu33nof17


    First, you can use a raw potato slice and put it on the affected eye. You shall insist this remedy for three consecutive nights. Second, you can combine 2 tsp turmeric powder and 1 cup boiled water. Then, use it as a hot compress on the affected eye. That helps. Third, Use honey proper can also help pink eyes. You can take honey as eye drops and drops honey into infected eye. Or you can mix some honey into boiling water, cool it for eyewash. Hope this can help you.
  • Christina nelson


    The pink eye, is also called conjunctiva, which the eyelid and surface of eyes would be redness. It can be cause by various factors, which mainly divided into three main factors that are eye infection, dry eye and eye allergy. You can treat pink eye by yourself to reduce pain and keep your eye free of drainage. Hence, some home remedies are recommended. First and foremost, you should define what kind of pink eye you have. If it's eye allergy, you should use cold compresses. If it's eye infection, you should use warm compresses to reduce swelling.