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Christopher dale


What are benefits of yellow tinted sunglasses

I plan to buy sunglasses and someone recommends me yellow tinted sunglasses. So, what are the benefits of yellow tinted sunglasses? Are they good?
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  • Ryan evelyn


    Tinted sunglasses are always used for Protection from harmful UV sunrays light and it is very much important to prevent the damage to the lens more than a style statement. With the enlarging of the size of the ozone hole, we are suffer from a greater risk when do outdoor activities. For this situation, wear tinted sunglasses is the best choice. Because Tints work by filtering light and each tint filters light differently. For example, The sodium yellow material (the color you mentioned) provides excellent contrast and depth perception in low intensity light. This is a great tint for skiers and shooter on overcast days. Grey is a neutral, general-purpose tint, popular with golfers, cyclists and runners. But grey does not enhance contrast. Brown provides good contrast in hazy sunshine and also suitable for anglers, sailors, skiers and in other sports where there is high-glare. Green is also a neutral, general-purpose tint that provides some contrast in low light and can help reduce eyestrain under bright lights. It can soften harsh bright light to relieve eye strain. So, according to this, you can choose tinted sunglasses which are suitable for you, don't limited to the yellow kind.
  • Cary Green


    Each color of lens is suited for specific situations. You will notice that many of the color properties overlap with each other. Whether they are performance, therapeutic, or fashion tints, each color causes the patient to perceive their surroundings differently. Individuals who do a lot of driving would benefit from yellow lenses. The added contrast will decrease fatigue and increase visual acuity when driving in fog or haze, in overcast conditions, and at evening or night. For these same reasons, bikers, pilots, tennis players, hunters, and sport shooters can benefit from this lens.


    Many people choose yellow tinted sunglasses because yellow tint can enhance contract and depth perception. With yellow tinted sunglasses on, you can see distance with clarity in the dim light because yellow tint improve contrast. Because of which, people such as hunters prefer yellow tinted sunglasses. If you are often in poor light situation, you can choose yellow tinted sunglasses.
  • Mackenzie


    The yellow or golden tinted lenses can reduce blue light. Meanwhile it also can allow more other frequency's light go across the lenses. The yellow tinted would eliminate the blue part of the spectrum, thus from that, all the staff will seem to be more bright and clear. This is why the sunglasses that protect your eyes from snow blind are yellow colored. Different color tinted sunglasses have different characters. 1. Red ones: increase contrast and boldness and is suited to water sports and snowfield sports. 2. Brown ones: increase the color contrast, so it's the first choice when you driving a car. 3. Yellow ones: Well-suited for wearing in cloudy day, it has distinct view, but not suitable for the environment of blazing sunlight. 4. Deep green ones: It would keep natural original color for your view of object.