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What are reasons of crossed eyes?

My kid got crossed eyes. I want to know the cause of crossed eyes. Thanks.
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  • Dawn C.


    Crossed eyes is medically known as strabismus. People with crosses eyes is not able to focus one or both eyes straight ahead at the same time. And crosses eyes can occurs when the brain is not able correctly control the eye muscles. In fact, infants can also have crosses eyes if their relatives affected by strabismus. In addition, if the child's eyes do not straighten as she develops, they may also develop into crossed eyes.
  • Caleb


    Crossed eyes are also called strabismus which deals with the eye muscles, the nerves that send signals to the muscles, or the control center in the brain which directs eye movements. An imbalance of the eye and facial muscles, shown as low muscle tone, cerebral palsy, stroke and Guillan-Barre syndrome, may all affect the muscles that direct the coordination of a person's eyes. Maligant tumors that occur near the eyes can contribute to the lack of coordination that results in strabismus. Besides, if a person's parents or siblings have strabismus, there is more possibility for him or her to get the illness. By the way, structural abnormalities in the eyes can lead to crossed eyes. Retinopathy, known as scarring damage of the retina may cause such impairment.

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