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What are some funky contact lenses for kids?

What are some funky contact lenses for kids?
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  • ctakah4ik


    There are many colorful funky contact lenses for kids which can brighten their look. In this summer, kids can get vibrant yellow contact lenses which can cover their natural eye color completely. And the yellow color will make them more lovely. I guess children with these yellow contact lenses will draw people's attention immediately to their face. Thess yellow contact lenses do make them look funky.
  • george


    Do you want to try some different contact lenses in certain condition for your kids, you can try some funky contact lenses like fire dragon contact lenses, jaguar contact lenses, avatar contact lenses, snowflake contact lenses and more. That will give you a amazing look (sometimes, maybe horrible) for fun in some conditions. For example, the fire dragon contact lenses cover your own pupils and give your a dramatic red sunburst pattern on black, with a vertical pupil. Those funky contact lenses are special used for some holiday such as Halloween.

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