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Chris L.


Are e-readers Bad For My Eyes?

I love my e-reader and i read a lot with it. But my mother says it is not good for my eyes. Is that true?
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  • Sharon Field


    It depends. i read an article said that holding an e-reader close to your face doesn't hurt your vision. If you keep regular break and take good care of your eyes, it won't hurt your eyes. But if you always focus on the e-readers and overuse your eyes, it will surely some some degree eye injuries. In other worlds, you shall take regular eye break and blink your eyes from time to time to keep your eyes moist and avoid eye dry.
  • Cassidy campbell


    No evidence has shown that e-readers can do harm to eyes. In fact, e-readers have settings to dim or brighten the backlighting or contrast and shrink or enlarge the text size as well, so they can help enhance the reading experience. In my opinion, e-readers won't damage the eyesight. If you love it, you can persuade your mom to buy one for you. I guess your mom will agree to buy it for you as long as you use it to help with your study. Good luck!
  • Alexia


    My advice is that it is better for you not to do that. The electromagnetic wave of fluorescent screen, ultraviolet ray, radiation, dazzling colors and infrared ray are really harmful to eyes. Those factors can cause dry eyes, fatigue, blurred vision and even head&neck pain problems.Keep regular break and take good care of your eyes. To protect your eyes, I suggest you to get a pair of computer glasses which can resist radiations. If you have vision problems, you can even get prescription computer glasses to both correct visual acuity and resist radiations. It is really a wonderful product for people today.

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