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Christina nelson


Do prescription sunglasses have to be polarized?

I am wondering if i need polarized prescription sunglasses or not. I don't fish or golf or anything, I just use it for everyday activities.
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  • Jeff


    It up to you. personally, you needn't to do that since you just wear it for daily life. A pair of prescription sunglasses is enough to provide you vision aids and eye protection from strong light and intensive UV rays. And polarized sunglasses are designed to shield the eyes from glares especially when you fishing or playing golf. Of course, you can wear polarized prescription sunglasses in case you may go somewhere with glares.
  • luis


    polarized sunglasses are good for everyday activities. When you are outdoors to do some activities, your vision can be easily affected by the glare reflected from the surface of some objects. While polarized sunglasses can help cut down the glare so that you can see things more clearly. If you need prescription glasses, polarized prescription sunglasses are very useful for you because they can provide clear vision for you as well as protect your eyes.