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How to deal with watery eyes during winter cycling?

My eyes always get watery during the cold winter cycling and I have to stop to wipe them. Any solution?
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  • taylor


    If you go cycling in winter without glasses, you may get watery eyes easily. Because the cold wind can get into your eyes directly, which can make your eyes dry out. The tears will be released in your eyes to help keep your eyes moist. And tears can also protect some dust, dirt and other particles getting into your eyes. Thus your eyes will become watery during winter cycling. However, to deal with your watery eyes, you should get a pair of ski goggles to cover your eyes and keep cold wind off your eyes.
  • b3l0ng524nna


    I always cycle with a pair of cycling goggles, and never meet the problem. I heard from my friends that wearing a pair of cycling goggles are help if you has watery eyes. Besides, i saw from an articles that a London Cyclist reader recently tell the author about her watery eyes during the cold winter cycling. the reader tried two ways to solve the problems, one way is wearing cycling glasses, the other way is using a moisturiser from the chemist for beneath the eyes.