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Christian scott


Do Chinese sunglasses always come in poor quality?

I have heard that sunglasses made in China are quite cheap but poor quality, is that true? Have you ever bought a pair of Chinese sunglasses?
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  • Caitlin


    I don't think so. Now, china has become the "workshop of the world" that produce many products and sell it all over the world. In our daily life, we can find many products label with "made in China", so does Chinese sunglasses. If they are in poor quality, why there are so many people buy them? Anyway, i think it is worthy to buy Chinese sunglasses. You can just try on and test out yourself.
  • christraper


    No. chinese sunglasses suppliers often offer sunglasses with good quality yet affordable prices. I ever bought a pair of chinese sunglasses from a reliable online optical store. And I found that the quality of these sunglasses are pretty good. They also have 100% UV pritection that can give my eyes full protection from the sun. chinese sunglasses are also made of high quality material that they can last long. Now my Chniese sunglasses are still in good condition. In addition, they are very cheap that you can easily afford to buy them. I would rather buy chinese sunglasses with good quality and lower prices than the name brand sunglasses.

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