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What are the advantages of cycling glasses over regular glasses?

I have seen many cycling enthusiast wearing cycling glasses. What are the advantages of cycling glasses over regular glasses?
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  • Riley


    cycling glasses sit closer to the face, so there is less space between the glasses lenses and the face, which prevent some dust and particles getting into the eyes. The cycling glasses can fit into helmets while regular glasses can't. cycling glasses are more lighter than regular glasses, which make the riders feel more comfortable to wear cycling glasses. Moreover, cycling glasses have interchangeable lenses so that they can adapt to the changing conditions, compared with regular eyeglasses.
  • walkthru


    Cycling glasses are special designed for people who like cycling. Because cycling is always associated with environments that have a higher airflow than under normal circumstances and exposure to harmful UV rays. In addition, there are may be flying debris that is quite dangerous to the eyes. Wearing a pair of cycling glasses or goggles can effectively protect the eyes from these negative sources.

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