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Are golf glasses to find ball effective?

I just found there were golf glasses specially designed to find the lost ball when playing golf, are they really effective?
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  • b2jb


    No. They are not effective to help you find the lost ball when playing golf. If you cannot see the ball without golf glasses, you cannot see the ball with the golf glasses on, too. Because when you can't focus on your ball without glasses on, the ball has been hiden under some brush or the bottom of a tall patch of grass. So in this case, you can't find your ball even if you wear the golf glasses. So in my opinion, golf glasses can't help golfers find the ball effectively.
  • walkietalkie131


    I think it is helps to you find lost ball. As we know, golf glasses are made when people engage in golf. They can help reduce strong light and prevent UV rays, as well as filter glares so as to give you comfortable and clear vision to focus the ball. Even if you are poor vision caused by some vision problems like nearsightedness, you can order prescription golf glasses for vision aids. So, it at least help you to find golf quickly.

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