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What are the best sunglasses for golf?

i am looking for a pair of sunglasses that helps with contrast for seeing the ball and seeing the greens better when playing golf.
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  • gary


    I used to play golf with sunglasses a lot, oakley fuel cell and hijinx. i usually just wear my reg light prescription glasses now, helps me see distance, and green contours better. If you do get some def make sure they are polarized. guess it all depends on preference & personality. if you know u have a tendency to loose glasses, you can search some cheap polarized sunglasses online with less amount of money.
  • Caitlin


    Golf is an outdoor sport, so sunglasses are necessary for you to prevent the strong light impacting your vision. Choosing sunglasses with proper colored lenses can enhance your vision to following the ball. As far as I'm concerned, brown sunglasses can enhance the contrast between dark and light colors. Therefore, you may get sharper vision when viewing objects against green and blue backgrounds like grass and sky. That is to say, the brown sunglasses can help you with the contrast for seeing the ball against the green grass when playing golf. Moreover, polarized sunglasses can not only reduce the strong light but also reduce the glare so as to help you see the ball clearly. In my opinion, a pair of brown polarized sunglasses is good for golf.