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How much is an Eye Exam for colored contacts?

I know how much an eye exam is with regular(clear) contacts, but how much is it for prescripted colored eye contacts & eye exam?
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  • Kelly


    It's the same with that for regular contacts because the eye doctor won't know your prescription before they take the eye exam for you. That means no matter you have prescription or not, the work of eye doctor will be the same.
  • exotic_scents


    Just the same price. But I think you don’t need to have an eye exam for colored contacts if you already have an eye exam for regular contacts.
  • b0ycrazzy


    The regular contact lens exam is also fit for colored contacts wearing. The prescription for contacts means that you can order regular contacts and colored contacts or other kinds of contact as well with the same prescription because the size of your eyeballs won’t change and your eye condition will remain the same within a period. You don't need to have another contact lens exam.