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Can aspheric eyeglass lenses help nearsighted people look better?

Does anyone have expertise or experience as a patient with aspheric eyeglass lenses? Can they keep your eyes from looking smaller than normal or reduce this effect? From what I hear, it seems like they help farsighted people more and keep the eyes from getting too big, but can they help nearsighted people at all? Just trying to look better and be more approachable. Thanks
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  • 04/12/2012

    The aspheric eyeglass lenses can help both nearsighted people and farsighted people look better. The flatter surface of the aspheric lens can let light pass through the lens in a more direct way in order to reduce the distortions. For the eye wearers, they can get clear vision with the less distortion of the light coming into the lens.For those looking at you , they can see your eyes more naturally because there is much less distortion with the flatter lens.
  • Luke oliver


    The surface profiles of asphere or aspheric lens are not portions of a cylinder or sphere.
  • b0rkb0rkb0rk


    Yes, the aspheric eyeglasses lenses can distort the viewer's eyes. Other people may feel that the wearer's eyes are smaller. They can produce better aesthetic appearance. But aspheric eyeglass lenses do not provide better vision than standard lenses.
  • campbell


    I think they can't keep your eyes from getting too big. They just distort the image that other people will see. But the size of your eyes won't change. If you are intereated in this kind of eyeglasses, you can have a lood at any eyeglasses shops. Put on them and then you can view the effect by your eyes.
  • Brooke peters


    Dude, which kind of vision problem do you have? If you mean aspheric eyeglass lenses are suitable for both nearsightedness and farsightedness. I really doubt about that. I have mild myopia. I know that the concave lenses are suitable for people who have nearsightedness and convex lenses are suitable for people who have farsightedness. Aspheric eyeglass lenses belong to convex lenses. So they can help with presbyopia.
  • Ieff


    You can wear a pair of big framed plastic eyeglasses to make your eyes look smaller.
  • tommy


    Aspheric lenses can be categorized as concave lenses and convex lenses. Concave aspheric can be used for the correction of high myopia. Convex aspheric curvatures can be used to help with presbyopia. But before buying a pair of this kind of eyeglasses, I strongly suggest you to have an eye exam and get a new prescription first. If you don't have high myopia, maybe aspheric lenses are not suitable for you.

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