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Why do I get dry an gritty eyes with contact lenses?

I just got my contact lenses which is monthly disposable. I am a little nearsighted. After wearing them for 5 years, I got extremely dry and gritty eyes. What should i do?
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  • taylor


    Some types of contact lenses wiould cause dry eyes. It is very common for many people to get dry eyes after they wear contacts. If so, you can use eye drops to keep your eyes moist when you wear contact lenses. However, when you choose the eye drops, make sure they are allowed to use together with contact lenses.
  • Nicholas carter


    All contact lenses dehydrate as you wear them. If you have got a poor tear film or a low quantity of tears they can start to become uncomfortable after a few hours and this limits your wearing time. The best lenses are now made of Silicone Hydrogel material that compared to conventional material lets through a much greater amount of oxygen and dehydrate far less. You can now get them as daily disposable, but there is a larger choice in monthly disposable. Your contact lens practitioner will advise you accordingly and will probably give you some trial lenses to try for a few days.
  • warren


    I think you'd better not wear contact lenses. As we know, contact lenses will hurt our cornea. And eyes are sensitive organs, so, we should take good care of it. You can keep doing some eye exercises everyday. Or you can use eye drops to keep your eyes moist. To solve your nearsighted eyes. You can try to wear eyeglasses. Now, there are some stylish eyeglasses frames that will give you both vision aids and good looks.

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