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Does the clear lens rectangular glasses make people look like a nerd?

My glasses got broken yesterday and I am thinking to get a pair of clear lens rectangular glasses, but I am afraid it will make me look like a nerd.
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  • Alexa


    As long as the clear lens rectangular glasses match your face, you can wear them. Besides. nerd are no longer use for describing pedant. nerd glasses become a new fashion trends among many people young or adult. With them, they can make you look smart, capable and experienced. It is good items for college students and fashion icons. So, don't be afraid, just choose what you like.
  • griffin


    I don't think the clear lens rectangular glasses would make people look like a nerd. As long as the rectangular glasses can suit you best, nobody would think you are a nerd. What's more, nobody can know whether your glasses lenses are clear or not only by viewing them.
  • Alexander david


    I don't think so. Rectangular glasses is an classic style among eyeglasses industry. And clear lenses rectangular glasses is an prudent choices for people who want to keep fashion. With it, they can give you simple fashion and make you look smart wise, capable and experienced. So, I believe you won't regret to choose rectangular glasses. Anyway, you can try on a pair of clear lens rectangular glasses to see if it suit you.

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