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Will cat eye glasses fit on a round face?

I found the cat eye glasses look really cool on some women and I am deciding to get some. But I wonder if they will fit on a round face?
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  • John C.


    That depends on the shape of the cat eye glasses. People who have round faces can wear cat eye glasses with sharper edges, or large frames that curve upwards subtly. However, the best way is to try them on to see what kind of cat eye glasses will fit your round face shape.
  • walkingalone00


    Personally, cat eye glasses can compliment round face. Round faces are usually featured with a soft shape. To compliment it, people with a round face are suggested to choose angular style glasses. And cat eyes glasses can make the point. The higher temple angle of cat eye glasses can make the round face look longer, and also reduce the soft roundness line of your face shape. Anyway, just have a try. You will only know the answer as long as you wear it. Good luck.
  • walfor


    Basically, cat eye glasses fit for people with small faces. But not exactly. I have a round faces, and i think the cat eye glasses looks great on me. So, you'll know it in one go.
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