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Can I wear clear lens classes as accessory?

I don't need glasses for vision correction but I think wearing glasses make me feel more confident. so can I wear clear lens classes as accessory? Will others think I am too eccentric?
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  • Edward White


    As someone who needs their glasses for vision correction, it irks me when people without vision problems wear non-prescription glasses. Would you use a walking stick too? Or hearing aid even if you have good hearing? No, you wouldn't.
  • cocreative


    Yes, it's fine to wear non-prescription glasses. Many celebrities also wear clear lens glasses just for fashion. If you like how they look (or if your eyes need protection from the wind), then go for it. You can wear what you want to. It's a simple fashion accessory, not a false appendage or a gimpy leg as some have likened it to.
  • Benjamin gary


    Why not? Just do as what you like to do. Wearing clear lens classes is just like wearing ear rings or bracelet. Also glasses with clear lens can protect your from dust, and even radiation from computer.
  • Catherine


    Of course you can. If you have perfect vision and you do want to wear glasses just for fashion, you can get non-prescription glasses which is also called clear lens glasses. I've seen many people wear clear lens glasses for fashion purpose.

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