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Robert Lipman


Where can I find +0.5 reading glasses?

I went to the optometrist and he prescribed me +0.50 reading glasses for my accomodative disfunction. I dont see the need in paying a lot of money for these glasses because I know that they sell readers at drug stores etc well I have looked multiple places and cannot find the +0.50 I can only find +1.0. Where can I find some decently priced reading glasses in my power?
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Answers (4)

  • williams


    In fact , it is hard to find +0.50 in most drug stores .wearing the +1.0 glasses is OK for you since the 0.5D difference is close to nothing. it will not do harm to your eyes if you just use them for reading.
  • Alexander


    Over-the-counter reading glasses start at +1.00. You can only get +0.5 reading glasses from an optical store where the optometrist will prescrible you +0.5 reading glasses that just fit you properly. I never get reading glasses from the drug store.
  • Stacy


    You can't get anything below a magnification of +1.00 in drugstores or malls, and those are usually hard to find. In most case you'll have to have them custom made.
  • Isabelle garcia


    The pre-made reading glasses usually start at +1.00. You may find +0.5 on ebay but it is quite difficult. You may need to have your eyes checked and get your prescription and then have them made at an optical center.