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What would happen if I wear my distance glasses for reading?

My optometrist specifically told me that don't use these distance glasses for reading otherwise it would ruin my vision. Is that true?
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  • hill


    I am slightly nearsighted. And I always wear my glasses all the time. Even I wear them for reading and it don't cause any discomfort. I don't find my vision get even worse than before.
  • James green


    If you have slight prescription (lower than -2.00) and don't glasses for reading, it's better that you don't wear your glasses whilst reading or working up close for LONG periods. If you wear your distance glasses for reading, you will need to use your eye's accommodative power more than your eyes. Some people think this can lead to increased nearsightedness.
  • Alexia


    If you are only nearsighted, then there is no need to wear them to read. But if you find no discomfort to read with glasses on, then you don't have to remove your glasses for reading. In this case, it won't ruin your vision because your eyes have no trouble accommodating for that.

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