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Kimberly quick


Can LASIK surgery correct vision problems caused by an eye injury?

I got a hit on the eye by a wooden stick when I was 12 and had to wear a patch for about a week. Now my vision is 20/70 and I think something is scratched in my eye due to the hit. Can LASIK surgery correct the vision problem if it was caused by an eye surgery?
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  • James


    I am not sure whether lasik surgery will work for you. Lasik surgery is designed to correct refractive errors by re-sculpting the surface of the cornea. While it is not used to treat eye injuries. You'd better go to consult your doctor.
  • crazy_durr


    It is hard to say. The lasik surgery will only work on the cornea and resculpt the cornea to replace the flap. If your cornea has been damaged, you may not be able to have lasik surgery. You need to find out the exact cause of the vision loss.

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