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Caitlin owen


Can prescription glasses be tinted to make sunglasses?

The sunlights outside are so strong and I think I may need sunglasses to protect my eyes, but I don't want to pay extra money for them. Can I have my prescription glasses tinted to make sunglasses?
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  • handsdown9871


    It is possible to have prescription glasses tinted just like sunglasses. You can take your prescription glasses to your optical store where you bought them and ask them to tint your glasses. You just choose the color that you want and then they will tint your glasses according to your needs.
  • warren


    Yes you can. Many optical store can offer the service of tint your prescription glasses to be sunglasses. It won't cost much.Maybe less than $10. With tinted glasses, you can easily get a pair of suitable prescription sunglasses for both vision aids and fashion statements.

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